About Company

VÚB Asset Management, správ. spol., a.s., with its registered seat at Mlynské Nivy 1, 820 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, was established on 17 April 2000 in compliance with the provisions of Act No. 203/2011 Coll. On Collective Investment (“the Act“). The Company was registered in the Commercial Register on 17 April 2000.

The core activities of the Company’s business as per the extract from the Commercial Register are:

  • on the basis of an invitation issued to the public, to collect cash from the public with the aim of investing it into assets as defined by law,
  • to use such accumulated assets for the creation and administration of mutual funds; to provide services to mutual funds,
  • to perform other activities under the law.


The Asset Management Company‘s depositary is Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s., a member of Intesa Sanpaolo group, Mlynské Nivy 1, 829 90 Bratislava.

Management Board

The members of the Board of Directors of the Asset Management Company are:

Chairman: Marco Bus
Members: Marian Matušovič (CEO)
  Emiliano Laruccia
  Claudio Malinverno
  Marco Canton

Supervisory Board

The members of the Supervisory Board of the Asset Management Company are:

Chairman: Prof. Girorgio Di Giorgio
Members: Alexander Resch
  Massimo Mazzini
  Bruno Alfieri
  Tomáš Výrost

Notice: Investing into mutual funds includes risk. The level of yield may rise, stagnate or fall and return on original investment is not guaranteed. Charters, sale brochures and brief sale brochures are available at each point of sale, VÚB branch and seat of the company.

In compliance with approved charters the share of securities or money market instruments issued or guaranteed by the governments specified in the charters of individual funds may exceed 35% of fund asset value and may reach as much as 100% of this value.