• Dňa 11. 12. 2019
  • REF 0.03687 0.00%
  • ABF 0.123672 0.16%
  • KOP 0.038106 0.02%
  • FLK 0.103252 0.09%
  • ME1 0.104642 0.11%
  • ME2 0.096794 0.06%
  • ME3 0.101536 0.07%
  • ESV 0.099611 0.05%
  • E18 0.102475 0.09%
  • AMG 0.042087 0.31%
  • SEF 0.036653 0.03%
  • DOP 0.043064 0.10%
  • VRF 0.0512 0.58%
  • APO 0.105033 -0.03%

Market Abuse Regulation

The company VÚB Asset Management, správ. spol., a.s. makes its best effort and acts with due care in order to achieve compliance with Regulation (EU) 596/2014 on Market Abuse as well as with the connected legislation and recommendations made by supervisory authorities. The above-stated regulation primarily stipulates obligations aimed at preventing:

  • Insider dealing,
  • Unlawful disclosure of inside information,
  • Market manipulation.

In this respect, there are specific mandatory procedures for market sounding, which is defined as the communication of information to a potential investor prior to the announcement of a transaction (e.g. before a public offering) with the aim to gauge the interest of potential investors in a possible transaction and the related conditions (size, pricing, etc.) by:

  • an issuer,
  • a secondary offeror of a financial instrument in such quantity or value that the transaction is distinct from ordinary trading and involves a selling method based on the prior assessment of potential interest from potential investors,
  • an emission allowance market participant or
  • a third party acting on behalf or on the account of a person referred to in the previous points.

If you wish to give us information, which meets the above definition, your duty is, first of all, to make us aware of the fact that it is market sounding. In order for us to be able to receive information in the regime of market sounding, please request the communication only with our employees in the position of Senior Portfolio Manager or Head of Investment Management Department.


The company VÚB Asset Management, správ. spol., a.s. and the funds, which the company manages, have the following LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) codes:

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